Design and build

Build it your way

The design and build process for your new home is dependent on ensuring your house design is right from the start.

With Build7 you get unique, bespoke designs that fit with who you are.  It’s a fun process that starts with a conversation about what you like, your lifestyle and your unique requirements.  Everyone’s different.

Our initial designs and plans won’t cost you anything.  It’s important to know that starting with the right new home design is critical to the success of your project.  Talk to us now and let us guide you through the process.  Let’s talk house plans or go ahead and view our Coromandel house and land packages.

Already have your own plans?

No problem, you can still have Build7 as part of your team to build your new home. We are happy to work with you and provide a full contract price to build your home, with the added bonus of our national buying power.

Give us a call and let’s meet so you can show us your plans.


Free house plans

Designed for you and no-one else

Build7 Coromandel Peninsula doesn’t create cookie-cutter, mass-produced houses.  Every one is designed for you and no one else.

What if your design didn’t cost anything? We offer our architect-designed service for free, so you can save money or reinvest it in the building process.

Getting started on the design process is easy.  All it takes are is your ideas and a meeting with our designers and architects.  The process is all about helping you get what you want, that works and fits the budget. You can learn about our House Plans here.


Interior design, your way

Use our experts

Part of the package when you deal with Build7 Coromandel is getting access to real home interior design experts. There’s a bit involved, from the spacial elements, colours, textures, fittings and more. 

You have the chance to show your personality in your living environment, and we’re here to help you through the process.


Design and Build experts chosen to fit your project

Project designers ready to help

We assign one of our qualified designers to partner with you to manage the home design phase of the project.

It’s not just about getting the design right, it’s about making sure we use the best designer to fit you personally.  Doing this makes the process fast and fun.


Safe Hands Guarantee

Protection from the unforseen

We provide a full warranty called Safe Hands Guarantee to give you protection. This warranty lasts for ten years and is gives insurance cover against any building issues.  It’s comprehensive and focuses on ensuring high quality standards of workmanship.


The design and build process

The steps to your new home


The design and build process we follow is tested proven and trusted. It’s a pathway to follow that we guide you though each step of the way.  Build7 Coromandel’s design & build process is successful, but not by accident.  It has taken years to get right.